Baird Boulevard

Baird Boulevard at Federal Street - 2004-02-26

Baird Boulevard, also known as Baird Avenue and a major thoroughfare in the Parkside neighborhood of Camden, was named in honor of David Baird Sr., a prominent businessman, political leader, and former U.S. Senator from Camden. It was constructed in the early 1900s as part of the Parkside development plan and is one of the three main roads in the area. Beginning at Kaighn Avenue, Baird Avenue runs diagonally in a northerly direction, intersecting with Park Avenue at Camden High School and Farnham Park. The road then crosses the Cooper River and Admiral Wilson Avenue, entering East Camden, where it continues straight across Marlton Avenue until it reaches its termination point at the intersection of Baird Avenue, Federal Street, and 27th Street, the heart of East Camden.

The street was originally named Baird Avenue when it was laid out in the early 1900s. Home construction on Baird Avenue began after 1906, and some lots in the 1500 block remained undeveloped until as late as 1924. The blocks in the Parkside area were referred to as Baird Avenue for many years. The East Camden side of the avenue, above the Cooper River, was laid out by 1924, and it was named Baird Avenue from the beginning. There were no homes on the East Camden blocks of Baird Avenue in 1924.

Baird Avenue was home to many of Camden’s most distinguished citizens from different backgrounds, including those in business, law, religion, and even organized crime.


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