New Firemen Added to Camden’s Force

New Firemen Added to Camden's Force

Philadelphia Inquirer – April 22, 1905

Spreading of the City’s Department Necessitates the Appointment of More Firemen

Camden City Council’s Fire Committee last night appointed additional firemen, the increased force being necessary by reason of the spreading of the department. The following are the new firemen:

Charles Cook, First ward; James White and Harry Anderson, Second ward; Edward Finley; Third Ward; Martin Corrigan, Fourth ward: James Willis, Fiith ward; Harry Green, Sixth ward; Seth Monnell and Edward Buzine, Seventh ward; Charles,Sturgis and Wiliam Miller, Eighth ward; Semuel Witzel, Ninth ward; Ephraim Davis, Tenth ward; J. O. Till, Eleventh ward: J.H. Vickers and Fred Morse, Twelfth ward.


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