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  • Knox Gelatine Company

    Knox Gelatine Company

    Knox Gelatin Co., originally known as the Landesman Co., had its beginnings in early 20th-century Camden, specifically at the intersection of 4th and Erie streets. This company specialized in producing gelatin for various industries, including food, photography, and pharmaceuticals. The pivotal moment came when Maurice Kind, a German-born brewer who immigrated to the United States…

  • Hook & Ladder Company No 1

    Hook & Ladder Company No 1

    With new 1914 American LaFrance 75′, 4 cyliner aerial ladder, in front of Fire Headquarters. From Left: tillerman Bill Tatem, firemen Edward Finley, Charles Gladney, and Harry Green, Lt. Harry Anderson, Firemen George Hollins and Steward Bakley, Captain Joseph Maxwell, and driver Harry Burroughs

  • New Firemen Added to Camden’s Force

    New Firemen Added to Camden’s Force

    Philadelphia Inquirer – April 22, 1905 Spreading of the City’s Department Necessitates the Appointment of More Firemen Camden City Council’s Fire Committee last night appointed additional firemen, the increased force being necessary by reason of the spreading of the department. The following are the new firemen: Charles Cook, First ward; James White and Harry Anderson,…

  • More Firemen For Camden

    More Firemen For Camden

    Philadelphia Inquirer – December 4 – 1904 The Fire Committee of Camden City Council have appointed the following firemen: Charles Cook. James, White, Harry Anderson, Samuel Sheer, Edward Finley, Martin Carrigan, Joseph Daly, Joseph Ernest, Neth Morrell, Willian Buzine, Charles Sturgis, Samuel T. Whitezell, Ephraim T. Davis, J. Oscar Till, J. H. Vickers, Frederick Morse.…

  • Sixteen Appointed to Fire Department

    Sixteen Appointed to Fire Department

    Camden Evening Courier – December 3, 1904 On account of the illness of its chairman, Dr. Frank Neall Robinson, the fire committee of City Council last night met at Dr. Robinson’s residence, 518 Linden street. The principal object of the meeting was to recommend names for additional appointments in the Fire Department. Among the sixteen…

  • Eighteen New Firemen Named

    Eighteen New Firemen Named

    Camden Post-Telegram – December 3, 1904 City Council’s Fire Committee last night named 18 new firemen, Sixteen of these men Will not go on duty until July 1 next, at which time the new fire house will be ready for service, while the other two, who were named to fill vacancies, will begin duty the…