New Schedule Set for Tests of Air Raid Sirens

When the air raid sirens sound at noon June 26 in Camden, don't panic. It's not an atomic attack.

Camden Courier-Post – June 18, 1962

When the air raid sirens sound at noon June 26 in Camden, don’t panic. It’s not an atomic attack.

It’s just the start of a new schedule for testing the city’s air raid sirens, Rev. J. Allen Nimmo, Camden Civil Defense coordinator, said today. Starting June 26 the sirens will be tested at noon each Tuesday and Thursday, he said.

The Rev. Mr. Nimmo said he received permission from Thomas Dignan, state Civil Defense director, to begin the new schedule and discontinue Saturday tests. The coordinator said the move was prompted by a report from Michael Spino, chief engineer for the city’s electrical bureau. After inspecting the 21 sirens in the city, Spino suggested they be tested more often.

The coordinator said that three of the sirens, one of them in City Hall, failed to go off during the city’s recent pupil dispersal drill.

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