Old Doc Hyghcock Nabbed with Ancient Sedan, Gun

Gun Stock Photo

Camden Courier-Post – January 7, 1928

"Doctor" Reyouque E.H.H. Hyghcock, whose underground "House of Terror" at 415 Liberty Street brought him much publicity and a prison cell two years ago, was arrested today in Collingswood. He was charged with having a loaded revolver in his possession and driving a motorcar without a license.

When the "doctor" was taken into custody he wore a high hat, a ministers frock coat and a pair of hip boots. He was driving a box-car sedan of the vintage of 1861. Collingswood police said the "Doc" told them he was a tourist on a tour but wasn't going any place in particular.

"Doc" was seen at 2:00 this morning by Earl Wilson, a motorcycle policeman. When Wilson saw the "seagoing hack" approaching at the high speed of 8 miles an hour- the best the sedan could do- he rubbed his eyes in amazement. The motor car chugged then stopped. "Doc" attired in his high hat and hip boots, stepped from behind the wheel. Smith came closer to investigate.

"The mummers' parade was over last Monday," the policeman said, "what did you represent?"

Shows Gold Tooth

"Doc" smiled and showed his two rows of golden teeth, which glittered under the rays of a nearby arc light.

"I'm touring but I'm not going any place in particular," "Doc" said. "I'm having a little trouble with the radiator."

"Is that why you are wearing hip boots?" the policeman asked.

"Sure is," "Doc" replied.

"Why are you wearing a high hat?"

"To keep my head from getting cold," "Doc" answered.

The policeman looked into the "boxcar sedan" and found a loaded revolver. "Doc" said he carried the weapon for protection. Ten minutes later he was telling the desk sergeant at the Collingswood police station his name and address and other pertinent facts about himself.

Today he was arraigned before Recorder Bialy and at the suggestion of Assistant Prosecutor Gregorio, he was held without bail on the charge of carrying concealed deadly weapons. He was taken to the county jail pending an investigation by the county authorities.

Two years ago "Doc" had the limelight of publicity streamed upon him when police discovered the "voo doo doctor" had a number of underground rooms beneath his house and in his back yard. The yard was dug up by firemen and the rooms destroyed. Hyghcock, police said, was the head of a voodoo cult and the underground rooms, each measuring about five feet square were used in the ritual ceremonies. Hyghcock was arrested but was later released when the rooms were destroyed.


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