Over the River

Philadelphia Inquirer – April 9, 1880

Camden City Council – An adjourned meeting of Camden City Council was held yesterday afternoon at half past four o’clock for the purpose of acting on and disposing of miscellaneous business, President Abels in the chair. On roll call nineteen members answered to their names.

Deborah Clark presented a petition asking Council to indemnify her for expenses incurred in consequence of having taken care of a woman in destitute and needy circumstances, committed to her charge by Overseer of the Poor Gordon two years ago. The petition for relief came through James M. Cassady, who stated that application had been made to the Board of Freeholders, but that body referred it back to Councils, which was the proper authority to settle her claim. Referred to the Poor Committee, with power to act.

A petition was presented memorializing Council to authorize the erecton of a frame building on a lot owned by Mesars, Furbush & Son, by the Providence Steam and Gas Company, in which to test their improved fire extinguishing apparatus. In compliance with the request an ordinance was also introduced, the rules suspended, and it was passed, granting the request of the petitioners.

Mr. Michellon, chairman of the Finance Committee, reported having examined the bonds of George M. Thrasher, receiver of taxes; F.F. Michellon, city clerk, as being satisfactory; also of Elmer Barr, Lewis Hendrickson, H. H. Franks, T.F. Muckleson, P. Gallagher, John W. Streeper, William Fusman and Tho[mas] Bunting, constables, as being in conformity with law and they were accepted.

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