Police Drive On Sunday Sales Here

Camden Courier-Post – November 24, 1955

Merchant Vows He’ll Open Store Despite Ban

Police said today they would “crack down” on any store which attempts to open Sunday for the sale of general merchandise in violation of the city’s 49-year-old “blue laws.”

The threat of police action was aimed at the Windsor Fifth Avenue Store at 11th Street and Wright Avenue, where the manager, Joseph E. Butler, 55, of S. Rose Lane, Berlin, was arrested last Sunday. His case was continued until Nov. 30.

The store announced in an advertisement in The Courier-Post Thursday that it intended to do business again this Sunday.

Subject to Arrest

Police Chief Gustav Koerner, after reading the announcement, said the store manager again would be subject to arrest if the planned opening was carried out.

The store, which handles electrical appliances and other merchandise, has a sign at its entrance saying that all net profits from Sunday sales would go to charity.

But Koerner said:

“They cannot use that device to circumvent the Sunday closing law. If they are open and selling, on Sunday, they will be arrested again.”

Made Law in 1906

The “blue laws” were enacted in 1906, and revised in 1913. Recently, City Commissioner George E. Aaron ordered police to begin enforcing them against any establishment which sold such items as radios, alarm clocks, automobiles, automobile tires, various electrical appliances, and even Christmas; trees on Sunday.

Two other store managers were arrested last Sunday, along with Butler, and drew fines from Municipal Judge Dzick.

Aaron said today he would back up Chief Koerner on any action the police might take Sunday against the Windsor store or any other business establishment which attempts to make sales of items falling within the “blue laws” ban.


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