Rally Tonight Aids Jews in Germany

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Camden Courier-Post – June 20, 1933

Camden Residents Push Drive for Fund to Help Victims of Hitler

Camden Jews will stage a mass meeting at 8:30 o’clock tonight at the Talmud Torah, 621 Kaighn Avenue, in the interest of relief of their persecuted brethren in Germany.

A campaign has been launched to raise $10,000 for relief work. Contributions should be sent to the United Committee for Relief of German Jews, 908 Broadway – Stevens Building.

The speakers will include Abe Goldberg, New York; Judge William M. Lewis, Philadelphia; Mayor Roy R. Stewart and rabbis and clergymen of all creeds. Leon H. Rose will preside.

The committee reports 600,000 men, women and children have suffered as a result of Nazi atrocities in Germany.

“Hundreds have been deprived of their rights of citizenship and livelihood,” continued the announcement.

“Loyalty, patriotism, service, have counted for naught; doctors, lawyers, civil servants, university professors and other teachers, scientists, musicians, industrial workers, have been driven from their positions and have been denied the right to work at their vocations. Even the right to an education is now being denied many of Jewish children.

“These German Jewish men and women recognized no political loyalty save an undivided loyalty to their country. They wanted nothing, demanded nothing, but the right to live in security and peace, and to develop their own destinies as self respecting men and women, and to labor for the upbuilding of their country.”


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