Roxie’s Pals Confess

Camden Evening Courier – December 9, 1930

Pair Held With Camden Boxer Admit Landisville Robbery – Fifth Man Hunted

With four suspects, including Roxie Allen, Camden welterweight boxer, still held without bail, the State Police today continued their search for the fifth bandit in the $200 holdup of a Landisville poolroom Sunday afternoon.

The fugitive, who is colored, is believed to be in hiding in Camden, and while no statement was made by investigators regarding his identity, it is reported that police, know him.

Signed confessions by two of the suspects are in the hands of the State Police, and will be turned over to Atlantic county authorities today. The admitted bandits are Carmen Passairella, 26, of 1227 Broadway, and Salvatore Passalacqua, 20, of 339 Clinton street. Allen, who is 21 and resides at 318 Spruce street, has admitted driving the holdup car but declares he did not enter the place nor did he know of his companions’ intentions. Rocco DeCorda, 23, of 221 Spruce street, the fourth prisoner, has also denied implication.

All four were held without bail when arraigned on charges of robbery and carrying weapons yesterday. The case will probably be placed in the hands of the December Grand Jury this month at Mays Landing.


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