Shots Halt Flight After Car Hits Cop

Police Investigation - AI Stock Photo

Camden Courier-post – February 11, 1936

Four men were arrested amid revolver shots after a Camden policeman was knocked down by a police car during a raid yesterday afternoon.

Acting on orders of Commissioner Mary W. Kobus, who is continuing her drive to rid the city of speakeasies, three policemen and two detectives surrounded the home of James Ford, colored, at 1124 South Ninth street, shortly before 3 p. m.

Patrolmen Edward Shapiro and Thomas Kauffman arrived in a radio car. So did James Brown and John Houston, two colored detectives. Patrolman Earl Stopfer arrived on foot.

Three policemen went to the back door. Kauffman stayed in the radio car at the front. Shapiro knocked at the front door.

The policemen at the rear were ahead of those opt front. As a result four men ran out through the front door and bowled over Shapiro. The man in the lead, who later was identified as Wilbur “Lackey” Davis, of 821 Mt. Vernon street, raced up the street, a quart bottle of liquor in hand.

Kauffman had driven his radio car behind another machine. He started the engine and attempted to back out to give chase. Shapiro ran behind the car and as he did, the machine struck him, knocking him into the middle of the street. Prone, Shapiro drew his revolver and opened fire on Davis.

Three shots were fired in the air.

Two others were closer to the fugitive, who halted. With the sound of shooting, the other three men yielded to the assembled policemen.

They gave their names as Ford, Herman Hopkins, 21, of 1124 South Ninth street, and Harry McLane, 29, of 746 Kaighn Avenue.

All will be arraigned today.

Ford, Hopkins and McLane will be charged with violating the state A.B.C. act. In addition, Davis will be charged with resisting arrest.

Patrolman Shapiro was hurt but slightly.


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