Six Are Arrested Following ‘Party’

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Camden Courier-Post – October 21, 1931

Young Girls Accuse Married Man of Attacking Them in Bungalow

Three pretty girls, a married man and two youths were arrested last night on charges growing out from an extended whoopee party in a Blackwood Terrace bungalow.

Two of the girls, all of whom are related, are said to be runaways from Philadelphia. One of these and a Camden schoolgirl charge they were attacked by the married man.

The girls gave their names as: Julia Barkowski, 17, of 923 Florence Street, Camden; Mary Holod, 16, and her stepsister, Vera, also 16, both of 1325 Tyson Street, Philadelphia. Both Julia and Mary allege they were criminally assaulted early last week by Samuel Read, 31, who gave his address as 2847 Congress Road, Camden.

Linked as material witnesses in the case are John Barwick, 19, of 543 Fairview Street, and William Murdock, 19, of 548 Gordon Terrace, Camden.

According to the story gathered by Police Sergeant John Skolski and Patrolman John Larson, the three girls were strolling along Broadway on the night of October 12, when they were “picked up” by Barwick and Murdock, in an automobile. The girls related they were taken to a bungalow in Blackwood Terrace where they said they met Read. The two youths then left, they said.

The Barkowski girl and Mary Holod allege they were attacked by Read while Vera Holod told police she averted assault by fighting.

Return of the girls to the Barkowski home yesterday was followed by arrest of all six revelers. Mrs. Bertha Barkowski, mother of the Camden girl, summoned police. Read was lured to the house and placed under arrest and apprehension of the two youths was then made.

Julia was charged with being incorrigible by her mother. Police held Mary and Vera as runaways and as witnesses against Read. The Philadelphia girls are said to have been missing from home several weeks.

All are to be given hearings today before Police Judge Garfield Pancoast.


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