Testimonial Dinner to Honor Polombo

Camden Courier-Post – February 17, 1938

Ben Polombo, president of Societa Di N. S. Unione Forza will be honored February 24 at a dinner in the Licata Restaurant, 417 Walnut street. Polombo recently was elected for his seventh term. Guests invited include Mayor Brunner, Commissioner Mary W. Kobus, Assistant City Solicitor Edward V. Martino and John L. Morrissey. Police Judge Gene R. Mariano will be toastmaster.

James J. Scarduzio is committee chairman. Others on the committee are John Colleratti, vice chairman; Samuel Barbarosa, treasurer; Nick Caramanna, secretary; Antonio De Marco, financial secretary; Joseph Mascico, Carman Calvanetti, Ernest Parattoglia, Rocco Melfi, Nick Del Rossi, Louis Bush, Antonio Marcchiore and Fred Muscella.


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