The Camden Mystery

Philadelphia Inquirer – January 30, 1889

Nurse Eisenhardt, of the Cooper Hospital,
Makes an Important Admission

Miss Annie Eisenhardt, the injured nurs [sic] at the Cooper Hospital, made an important admission yesterday to Doctor Farrett, the resident physician. She admits that the mysterious man who slashed her on Saturday morning had also criminally assaulted her. She steadfastly declared that she did not know who her assailant was.

Mrs. Moore, of Jenkintown, with whom Nurse Eisenhardt lived previous to accepting the position at the Cooper Hospital, went there to see her in company with Mayor Pratt yesterday. Nurse Eisenhardt was able to sit up in bed, and she seemed very glad to see Mrs. Moore. She told her as a friend, all of the particulars of the assault. The Mayor listened intently, but she did not contradict herself in any particular. Mrs. Moore said she had no idea who the girl’s assailant could be.

Search for the three other missing scalpels was resumed yesterday, but they were not found.

The police say they have learned nothing new in the case.

The case still presents perplexing difficulties, and the idea that the whole story is the result of the peculiar mental condition of the sufferer seems to cling to the minds of some whose duty obliges them to investigate the evidence. A solution of the mystery, it is thought, is near at hand.

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