The Reign of Terror — And the Sniper

Ghost Sniper - AI Stock Photo

Camden Courier-Post – February 23, 1928

Editorial Page

Of this much we are sure-the Phantom Sniper, whose activities have attracted attention far beyond the boundaries of Camden cannot indefinitely go on, challenging the public, and escape the consequences of his illegal actions.

Twenty-five times he has hit his mark.

Are they shots from a gun with a mysterious kind of bullet which can penetrate glass and then disappear?

Do they come from a slingshot or an air-gun!

Time after time, the glass of a windshield or a window has been penetrated, has passed into a car or a room-and still, no one has been badly hurt or killed.

Here, there, arid everywhere, the Sniper bobs up.

Whether he is a madman or a frolicker remains to be seen.

Some say — we have heard it, principally from women — that it is only an advertising scheme, something to attract attention and produce preliminary attention.

So far, the one clue established is that the Ghostly Gunner seems to travel in a tan colored car.

The one outstanding fact is that if he is crazy he should be isolated, if he is a criminal he should be in a cell — and if the whole affair is an advertising scheme, it has caused so much terror in homes in Camden and its environs that no one can ever be expected to look with friendly eyes on those who would play such a trick.


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