Tipsy Driver Cases Draw Court’s Fire

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Camden Courier-Post – February 12, 1938

Mariano Says He Won’t Postpone Any More as Complaint is Thrown Out

Police Judge Gene R. Mariano gave notice yesterday that “unless a very good reason is advanced,” there will be no more drunken driving cases postponed in Police Court.

He made that statement after telling Virgil Moffett, 47, of 303 North Forty-first street, that he was “very lucky” and that he would be “given the benefit of the doubt.” He then dismissed a drunken driving complaint against, the man.

Moffett was arrested last Saturday night after a truck on which he was riding, and a car driven by Ernest Herman, 25, of 214 Byron street, were in collision at Fourth and Federal streets. The hearing scheduled for Monday, was postponed until today so that “additional witnesses” could be called.

Although Lieutenant George Ward testified that Moffett was drunk when brought into police headquarters, Sergeant James Wilson, who arrested Moffett, said he was not intoxicated, but had been drinking.

Moffett admitted driving the truck into the city and said he had a couple of drinks at a restaurant. He said that he did not want to drive back and that two men whom he met in the restaurant and whom he did not know offered to go along with him and drive the truck. The men were not with Moffett when he was arrested.

Herman said he didn’t know who was driving the truck but that after the collision Moffett came over to him. He said he didn’t know whether Moffet was drunk.

“I must dispose of these cases upon the evidence presented here under the law,” Judge Mariano declared. “I will dismiss the complaint. This will be the last drunken driving case that will be postponed by me unless a very good reason is advanced.”


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