Use of ‘Cheaters’ Fails to Deceive Judge’s Memory

Handcuffs Stock Photo

Camden Courier-Post – February 1, 1938

The changeable eyesight of chronic offenders doesn’t fool Police Judge Gene R. Mariano one bit.

Two men arrested as drunk and disorderly tried It In police court today but didn’t get to first base. Instead, they got jail terms.

Several weeks ago Wesley Pigwood, 44, of 2390 Farragut Avenue, received a suspended sentence. Yesterday he appeared before Judge Mariano wearing smoked glasses.

“You can’t fool me,” Mariano said. “You were arrested three weeks ago and I gave you a chance. Now you’ll go to jail for 30 days.”

Henry Brownson, 58, of 926 Elm Street, tried the same trick, with reverse English. Wearing glasses, he received a suspended sentence several weeks ago. Yesterday without glasses, he was haled before the court again. Mariano recognized him and sentenced him to 15 days.


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