Who Socked Who With What Prop Debated in Court

Camden Courier-Post – February 18, 1938

The Monday morning washday blues yesterday landed three South Camden neighbors in Police Court in a futile effort to decide who hit who with what clothes prop.

It seems that Mrs., Sophia Anyzek, of 1013 Atlantic avenue, hung out her wash bright and early Monday. Just as bright and early as Mrs. Helen Pepiak, 1011 Atlantic avenue, who decided to beat her rugs.

Well, the wind was in the direction from rugs to wash and things became pretty tense between the families Anyzek and Pepiak. Somehow Mrs. Anyzek’s husband, Stanley, got in the argument.

According to Mrs. Pepiak’s version to Judge Mariano, it was Mrs. Anyzek who wielded clothes props, whanging her in the back with the ungainly weapon.

That didn’t gee with Mrs. Anyzek’s version. It was Mrs. Pepiak who swung the prop and she (Mrs. Anyzek) simply ducked. The prop hit a clothes pole and broke, said Mrs. Anyzek, and a flying fragment struck Mrs. Pepiak in the back.

Mariano thought he had a solution when he suggested that both families move away from the neighborhood. But then it developed that they owned their own homes and the best he could propose was $500 bonds for all hands to keep the peace.


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