Woman’s Scream Routs Robber

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The Evening Bulletin, Philadelphia, P.A. – September 25, 1944

Children in Camden Join Outcry after Hand on Throat Awakens Her

A woman’s screams and the outcries of her two frightened children drove off a robber choking her in bed early Thursday morning.

A hand around her neck awakened Mrs. Anna Fino, 38, of 411 Stevens Street, Camden, at 3.30. For a moment she thought it was that of her son, Anthony, Jr., five, asleep beside her.

“Go to sleep, sonny,” she said quietly and then, reaching over to pat him, she felt a strange head.

Screaming, she turned on a bedside lamp, and saw the intruder in the bed. He started to choke her.

But the mother’s cries had awakened Anthony and his sister, Rita, 15, in an adjoining room. They screamed. The man, a Negro, ran out the room.

He had ransacked the bedroom, taking a wallet containing her rent money.

Mrs. Fino’s husband was injured seriously last May 25 in an accident at the New York Shipbuilding Corp. and has been in West Jersey Homeopathic Hospital since then.


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