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Knox Gelatine Dainty Desserts - Salads - Candies
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Knox Gelatine Company

Knox Gelatin Co., originally known as the Landesman Co., had its beginnings in early 20th-century Camden, at 4th and Erie streets.

Yorkship Square - Fairview - 1925
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Fairview – Tracking History

The Fairview section of Camden was the mother of all planned communities. It was born at the beginning of the “war to end all wars.”

Futuristic Industrial City - AI Stock Photo
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City Industry – Tracking History

Just 100 years ago Camden was a thriving, prosperous industrial metropolis and the future looked bright for this river city.

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Richard R. C. Donnelly

Richard Donnelly joined the Camden Police Department in the early 1920s and rose to the rank of detective in the Third Police District, which encompassed Cramer Hill and East Camden.

City Workers on the 500 Block of Morgan Street - 1949
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Morgan Street

Morgan Street is often mistaken for Morgan Boulevard, as they intersect each other. Morgan Street has also partially been renamed as Holtec Boulevard.

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John Reilly

John Reilly was a firefighter for Engine Company 4 who was killed in the line of duty after his portable fire extinguisher exploded.

Jackie Hindle - 1928
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Jackie Hindle

Jackie Hindle fought professionally from 1923 to 1929 as a lightweight, later going to prison in the early 1930’s. He was also a Camden police officer and bartender.

Yorkship Square - Fairview - 1925
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Fairview is the area of Camden also known as Yorkship Village, which was built to house the workers of the New York Shipbuilding Company.

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The first industry to enter our boundaries came into being when the Browning Brothers established a plant for the manufacture of dye-stuffs and at about the same time the American Nickel Works was started.

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Camden for many years has been a center for the building of ships. There are yards which construct costly yachts and little fishing dories and others which build scows and tugs and everything up to the mightiest battleships.

Vincent Tydeman Profile Photo
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Vincent Ariel Tydeman

VINCENT ARIEL TYDEMAN was a professional baseball player, vaudeville acrobats, born in Camden to Edmund and Sarah Tydeman,.

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Woman’s Scream Routs Robber

A woman’s screams and the outcries of her two frightened children drove off a robber choking her in bed early Thursday morning.