Joseph H. Forsyth

Joseph H. Forsyth, 1926

Joseph H. Forsyth entered the world on May 30, 1879, in Burlington County, NJ, as the son of Joshua and Luisa Hatch Forsyth. His father, engaged in farming, had the family residing in Pemberton, NJ, as indicated by the 1880 census. Notably, Joseph Forsyth’s uncle was Cooper B. Hatch, who served as the Mayor of Camden, NJ, from 1898 to 1902.

By 1920, Joseph Forsyth had firmly rooted himself in Camden, NJ, establishing a flourishing real estate and insurance business known as the Cooper B. Hatch Company, located at 315 Market Street. During the 1920 census, he was found residing at 708 Cooper Street with his wife Hazel.

Joseph Forsyth demonstrated a commitment to public service by serving as a state senator from Camden during the 1920s. His legislative involvement persisted until at least 1928, when he proposed a bill in the State Senate seeking to exempt Camden from the state Civil Service system. Despite garnering support from various local and statewide Republican politicians, the bill did not impede the broader movement to implement Civil Service regulations for government jobs in New Jersey. By the mid-1930s, this regulation had become nearly universal across the state.

Joseph Forsyth’s passing on November 7 of that year marked the end of an era, leaving behind a substantial estate. In testament to his philanthropic spirit, the Cooper B. Hatch Foundation was established from his estate, dedicated to assisting physically challenged children from economically disadvantaged families.

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