Republicans Seek Mrs. Hyland’s Job on Election Board

Camden Courier-Post – February 4, 1933

Will Drop Mrs. Stinson To Win Place for Mrs. Caperoon – AIM AT CAPTURING POST OF SECRETARY

Plan Revolves About Law’s Jigsaw Puzzle on Member’s Ages


A change in the Republican membership of the Camden County Board of Elections will take place when that body reorganizes March 1, with the G. O. P. looking towards ousting Mrs. Emma E. Hyland, Democrat, as secretary of the board and commissioner of elections.

According to a well-founded rumor afloat last night, a meeting of the Republican Conference Committee held yesterday afternoon decided to drop Mrs. Lottie B. Stinson, Republican, and chairman of the board, in favor of Mrs. Pauline Caperoon, office manager of county Republican headquarters at Broadway and Stevens street.

By this move the Republicans hope to regain the secretaryship, lost when Mrs. Stinson succeeded Edwin G. Scovel as a member of the election board six years ago. At that time Scovel was secretary and Mrs. Hyland was chairman.

At that 1927 reorganization meeting following Mrs. Stinson’s appointment, the Democrats pulled a fast one on their rivals by nominating Mrs. Stinson for the post of chairman. The law provides that the secretary must be of opposite political faith from the chairman. and as the secretaryship carries with it the post of commissioner of elections, it is the coveted plum.

The Republicans promptly nominated Mrs. Hyland for re-election as chairman and a vote was taken. Each nominee received two votes, the Republicans voting for the Democrat and the Democrats for Mrs. Stinson.

With the result a tie, the Republicans claimed that Mrs. Hyland should remain as chairman, but the Democratic members produced the law which instructed that in case of a tie vote for chairman, the post should go to the oldest, in the matter of age, of the two nominated. So, Mrs. Stinson was declared chairman and Mrs. Hyland selected as secretary. If the Republicans had nominated Bernard B. Tracy, the second Democratic member at the time, the two Democratic ballots undoubtedly would have been cast for Mrs. Hyland creating another tie and Mrs. Hyland would have been awarded the secretaryship on the same grounds Mrs. Stinson was made chairman.

The post of secretary of the election board pays an annual salary of $2250. Minus the 30 percent cut, the secretary will receive $1575. All other members of the board, are paid $1500 annually, less the 30 percent which brings their pay down to $1050.

Both Mrs. Hyland and Mrs. Stinson’s terms are up this year. The other members of the board are William E. A. King, Republican, and Charles J. Clark, Democrat.

Mrs. Hyland, who is Democratic State Committeewoman of Camden County, will undoubtedly be reappointed to the board. Appointment is made by the governor upon recommendation of the members of the state committee from the county involved.

It Is not known who the Republicans have selected as their choice for the secretaryship, but it is believed Mrs. Caperoon will get the coveted post. As partial repayment for losing her place on the election board, Mrs. Stinson, who is Republican County committeewoman from the Fourteenth Ward, will probably be given Mrs. Caperoon’s place at Republican headquarters.

Mrs. Caperoon resides at 346 Carteret Street in the Ninth ward. She is the wife of Frederick W. Caperoon, musical director of WCAM.


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