Ferry Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church

Presently Known as Ferry Avenue United Methodist Church

768 Ferry Avenue, Camden, NJ

The Ferry Avenue Methodist Church makes its initial appearance in the Camden City Directories in 1890. A photograph dated 1888 suggests that the church might have commenced its operations in the latter part of that same year. This church, which initially served a primarily African-American congregation, has remained situated at the southeast corner of South Eighth Street and Ferry Avenue, with its street address being 768 Ferry Avenue.

Interestingly, the 1890 Directory designates it as a “colored” church, indicating that it predominantly consisted of African-American worshippers. It is noteworthy that another Methodist church serving African-American congregants also emerges in the 1890 Directory, located just a few hundred feet away at 1841 Philip Street, known as the Bethel African American Episcopal Church. The reasons and history behind the proximity of these two churches remain unknown to this writer at the present time.


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