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  • Michael Tenerelli (aka Mickey Blair)

    Michael Tenerelli (aka Mickey Blair)

    Mickey Blair, born Michael Tenerelli in 1908, was a professional boxer hailing from Camden, NJ. Raised on South 4th Street in Camden alongside his younger brother Frank and sisters Nettie and Mary, the Tenerelli family resided at 833 South 4th Street. Living nearby at 839 South 4th Street were the Scola family, known for their…

  • Vincent Scola

    Vincent Scola

    Vincent Scola, born on June 16, 1911, according to Social Security records, was the oldest son of Domenico and Maria C. Scola. However, census records and newspaper accounts suggest that he was actually a year younger. Vincent’s parents were Italian immigrants, and the Scola family moved en masse to Camden’s Eighth Ward by 1930. They…