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  • City Incinerator

    City Incinerator

    1451 Federal Street Located on Federal Street west of the Cooper River, this now unused edifice is passed by thousands of cars daily as they make their way over the drawbridge from East Camden into the center of Camden. The municipal trash incinerator was built river in the late 1920s or early 1930s, and maintained…

  • Henry Magin

    Henry Magin

    HENRY MAGIN was born in New Jersey around 1897. When America entered World War I, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps on June 12, 1917, and qualified with the rifle as a sharpshooter. He served with the Marines in France, where he was wounded, apparently by German artillery. Private Magin was honorably discharged…

  • Magin Falls Dead at Plant While on Inspection Tour

    Magin Falls Dead at Plant While on Inspection Tour

    Camden Courier-Post – August 22, 1941 City Commissioner Henry Magin fell dead at 11:20 AM today while making a tour of the city incinerator plant with other city officials. He stepped from a platform and called to James Carr, superintendent of streets, to “catch me.” He slumped into Carr’s arms. Carr and William F. Augustine,…