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  • Old Cooper Street

    Old Cooper Street

    Reprinted from the series of stories of Camden’s earlier days, under the title Sixty Years in Camden County – Gosh! by Will Paul, appearing in The Community news, of Merchantville, NJ. In an earlier chapter I suggested that a young writer seeking a subject for a story could take any Camden street that leads to…

  • Camden Police’s First Motorized Paddy Wagon

    Camden Police’s First Motorized Paddy Wagon

    The Camden Police’s first motorized Paddy Wagon sold by and parked in front of Camden’s first car/truck dealership, NJ Auto & Supply Co, 38-46 Delaware Ave. Around 1915.

  • Arch Street

    Arch Street

    Arch Street is situated in downtown Camden, positioned between Federal Street and Market Street. In the past, this street extended from Delaware Avenue to North 5th Street, serving as a prominent passageway. However, the passage of time has seen various developments encroach upon Arch Street, causing its existence to fade from view. Arch Street held…

  • Four Tossed from an Automobile

    Four Tossed from an Automobile

    Philadelphia Inquirer – September 6, 1902 Camden Letter Carrier’s Machine Ran Away and Its Occupants Were Cut and Bruised Harry Reir, a well known Camden letter carrier, with his wife, a small son and a sister, was thrown from an automobile at Delaware avenue and Market street, Camden, last night and all were more or…

  • Over in Camden

    Over in Camden

    Philadelphia Inquirer – December 22, 1898 Articles of incorporation were filed yesterday by the American Metal Edge Box Company. The police were notified yesterday that William Ilgenfritz, 14 years old, of 1121 Mickle street, was missing. Jacob N. Wise, 63 years old, fell from a step at Delaware and Market streets yesterday and broke his…