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  • John W. Sutton

    John W. Sutton had two distinct stints of service with the Camden Fire Department while concurrently managing and owning bars in Camden for nearly five decades. Born John W. Suthel around 1848 in Delaware to John and Welty Suthel, he relocated to Camden, New Jersey, with his family, including older sister Martha and older brother…

  • Jesthroe Hunt

    Jesthroe Hunt

    Jesthroe Hunt’s life story is deeply intertwined with the history of Camden, New Jersey, and serves as a testament to the city’s cultural and societal evolution throughout the 20th century. Born on August 3, 1920, in Conway, South Carolina, to Benjamin and Ella Hunt, Jesthroe Hunt moved with his family to Camden in the late…

  • Joseph A. Ware

    Joseph A. Ware

    Joseph A. Ware, born in 1878 to Emma and James Ware Jr., spent the majority of his life in Camden’s historic Eighth Ward. During his early years, his family resided in proximity to South 7th Street and Ferry Avenue. James Ware Jr., his father, engaged in various occupations, with a notable involvement in politics during…

  • Wilson L. Bromley

    Wilson L. Bromley came into the world in New Jersey, around the year 1853, as the child of Joseph and Ann Eliza Bromley. His father, Joseph Bromley, earned his living as a boilermaker. The Bromley family was residing in South Camden when the 1860 Census was conducted. At that time, the household consisted of four…

  • William Bogia

    William Bogia

    Tragically, Fire Fighter Bogia fell ill after fighting a fire and subsequently passed away due to causes directly related to his firefighting duties.

  • Benjamin Cavanaugh

    Benjamin Cavanaugh

    Benjamin Cavanaugh was a firefighter, working in both Engine Company 1 and Engine Company 2, until he left the department in 1882.

  • Leonard Iannelli

    Leonard Iannelli

    Leonard Iannelli, born into a family of dedicated firefighters, followed his father, Frank Iannelli, who had lost his life as a member of Engine Company 9.

  • Samuel M. Subers

    SAMUEL SUBERS was appointed to the Camden Fire Department at some point not long after November 12, 1874 as a replacement for Alfred S. Ivins as an extra man with Engine Company 1. He served until April of 1876, when incoming Chief of the department Claudius Bradshaw made wholesale personnel changes within the department. He…

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  • Raymond T. Amos

    Raymond T. Amos

    RAYMOND T. AMOS was born in Frankford, Delaware on December 28, 1905 to Albert and Catherine Amos. His father was a minister. The family had moved to Camden by the summer of 1910 and taken up residence at 1004 Central Avenue.

  • Eugene F. Alston

    Eugene F. Alston

    EUGENE F. ALSTON was born October 16, 1919 in Camden to Richard Alston and his wife, the former Dolly Robinson. His father had been born in 1891 in Henderson, North Carolina. Richard Alston was working as a laborer at the Victor Talking Machine Company in June of 1917, and had married. Mr. and Mrs. Alston…

  • Thomas R. Allibone

    Thomas R. Allibone

    THOMAS R. ALLIBONE was one of the original members of the Camden Fire Department, entering service on September 2, 1869 as an extra man with Engine Company 1. Prior to entering the fire department he had worked as a coppersmith, and had served as a volunteer fire fighter with Independence Steam Engine Fire Company. Thomas…