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  • Camden Beer

    Camden Beer

    Camden’s brewery at Fillmore and Bulson Streets was built in 1904 by Joseph Baumgartner. The firm was known as the Camden City Brewery Incorporated until it was acquired by Frederick A. Poth, and operated by F.A. Poth & Sons Inc., a Philadelphia based brewery, in 1910. The plant was then modernized to current standards of…

  • George Ackerle

    GEORGE ACKERLE was born December 14, 1920 in New Jersey. He was one of at least seven children born to Paul F. and Anna Ackerle. The Ackerles lived in Deptford NJ through at least April of 1930. Paul Ackerle was a baker by trade, working in Camden as early as 1918, and young George followed…

  • Beverage Firm Worker Fatally Stricken

    Beverage Firm Worker Fatally Stricken

    John A. Herrmann, 52, Bell avenue, Barrington, and employe of the Camden County Beverage Co., Fillmore and Bulson streets, collapsed and died yesterday while cleaning a vat.

  • Compensation Award

    Compensation Award

    According to a ruling made by Referee Goas, of the Employers’ Compensatian Bureau in Camden, the Poth Brewing Company must pay Christran Heitman, of 1631 Fillmore street, $10 a week for forty-two weeks for injuries received when he was struck in the eye with a hoop while he was riveting a keg. The man’s sight…

  • Poths Buy Camden Brewery

    Poths Buy Camden Brewery

    CAMDEN, March 7. – J. C. B. Morley has sold the plant of the Camden City Brewery, occupying a square of ground at Sixth and Fillmore Streets, Camden, to the F. A. Poth & Sons Brewing Co., Inc., of Philadelphia, for a consideration of about $500,000. The sale includes, in addition to the real estate,…