Bank Embezzler Jokes When Taken to County Prison

Camden Courier-Post – February 28, 1928

Garrett Waives Reading of Indictment for $19000 Systematic Thefts; His Wife Remains Loyal, Discrediting His Confession

Laughing at photographers who tried to snap a picture as he covered his face with his hat and joking with the officers who accompanied him, Burd S. Garrett, for seven years a teller employed by the East End Trust Company was taken from the West Jersey Hospital this morning at 11:15 to the County Courthouse.

When arraigned before Justice of the Peace Peter J. Wallace in the office of Lawrence T. Doran, chief of county detectives he waived reading and hearing of the complaint charging him with embezzlement of $19,000 of the bank’s funds.

Less than ten minutes after he had entered Chief Doran’s office, the confessed embezzler, accompanied by Detective William Cleary, reappeared and walked to the county jail where he was committed.

Prosecutor Ethan P. Wescott did not attend the arraignment and it was expected that he would set Garrett’s bail sometime this afternoon, when he would announce his intentions as to presentment of the case to the grand jury.

Garrett, who according to Assistant Prosecutor Joseph A. Varbalow admitted manipulation of the bank funds, which he lavished on his wife and the six children he had instructed from birth in the principles of honesty, appeared unmoved this morning by the proceedings.

His face has regained the color it had lost when detectives first began questioning him, as he lay in a coma on a cot at the hospital last Saturday. Since Sunday afternoon, when he broke down and admitted the charges against him, he has chatted with his constable guard.

Garrett’s appearance today was that of a businessman in comfortable circumstances. He was well dress, in a gray suit, dark overcoat, and wore a light gray soft felt hat his eyes, behind tortoise shell glasses, were bright, and minus the stare of three days ago.

His wife, despite his reported confession reiterated her belief today that “it can’t be true.” Firmly declaring that she used economic measures in her housekeeping


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