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  • East Camden

    East Camden

    Originally a part of Stockton Township, the area that is now known as East Camden was merged into Camden proper in 1899 along with the neighborhood now known as Cramer Hill. It included the villages of Wrightsville, Stockton, and Rosedale, which lay along Federal Street. The area was served by the Pavonia Railroad Station, located…

  • Woman Hits Husband Hurling Stone at Dog

    Woman Hits Husband Hurling Stone at Dog

    Philadelphia Inquirer – September 15, 1915 Man Sent to Hospital, Wife to Jail, When Aim of Latter at Howling Animal Fails The bad aim of Mrs. Ella Taylor, aged 25 years, of 3010 Pleasant street, East Camden, resulted in lots of trouble and incidentally sent her husband, William, aged 49 years, to Cooper Hospital, with…