Woman Hits Husband Hurling Stone at Dog

Philadelphia Inquirer – September 15, 1915

Man Sent to Hospital, Wife to Jail, When Aim of Latter at Howling Animal Fails

The bad aim of Mrs. Ella Taylor, aged 25 years, of 3010 Pleasant street, East Camden, resulted in lots of trouble and incidentally sent her husband, William, aged 49 years, to Cooper Hospital, with a severely cut head. The woman was arrested and spent several hours in jail before it was all explained.

It was early yesterday morning that the Taylors were awakened by the howling of a neighbor’s dog. Mrs. Taylor procured a stone and attempted to hurl it through the window. As a result, Taylor was struck over the left eye.

Under the impression that he had been fatally wounded, Taylor rushed from the house in his night clothes and yelled over the fence to his neighbor, Solomon Carpenter. The latter took the man to the Third District station house. There was so much excitement that the police thought there had been an attempt on Taylor’s life. So while the man was sent to Cooper Hospital the wife was arrested. Before Recorder Stackhouse the truth of the matter came out and husband and wife were dismissed.

Woman Dies from Heat

One death was caused by the heat in Camden yesterday. The victim was Mrs. Lucia Lacrapara, aged 70 years, of 219 Spruce street. The woman complained of the heat when she arose from her bed and on descending the stairway collapsed. She died before medical attention could be given her. Mrs. Elizabeth Buchanan, aged 36 years of 814 South Eighth street, was taken to Cooper Hospital, a victim of the heat, while Mrs. Eliza Mugglesworth, aged 77 years, of 1406 Bellview avenue, stricken in Forest Hill Park, was removed to the Homeopathic Hospital.

Fight Causes Ferryboat Panic

Asserting they are members of the “Wild Cat Gang” of Gray’s Ferry road, William J. Campbell, aged 23 years, of 2041 Moore street, and Joseph Memero, aged 25 years, of 941 Mifflin street, this city were prisoners before Recorder Stackhouse in Camden yesterday, changed with creating a small sized panic on the ferryboat of City of Reading. After terrorizing the passengers they were placed in the center house. Campbell broke the door and struck George Wilsey, a deck hand, it was charged. On reaching Kaighn Point they were placed under arrest. Campbell was held in bail for attacking Wilsey, while his companion was fined.

Camden Jury is Named

At the opening of the September term of the Camden county courts yesterday, Supreme Court Justice Garrison designated Stephen Pfeil, of the Second ward, as foreman of the new grand jury. The jury sworn into office by County Clerk Patterson, who is ill, but who has not missed this function in fifteen years, follows Edward Dickinson, David Jester, Samuel D. Lewis, William Harley, Chris E. Fisher, William H. Monroe, Frank Grim, Sr., Christopher Cheeseman, John H. Donahoo, Ellis Parker, Thomas W. Burnside, Claud Powerll, Frank Gardner, William Vissell, Clarence Shay, James T. Walton, Marmaduke Beakley, Edwin P. Carson, Wesley W. Hibbs, Philip J. Wilson, William J. Cameron.

Camden At A Glance

When Detective Troncone went to the home of Angelo Di Lorenzo at 219 Benson street he found him lying on a couch beneath which was $60 worth of brass that had been stolen, it is charged, from the Pennsylvania Railroad. Recorder Stackhouse sentenced the man to two months in jail.

It was announced by the Board of Health yesterday that the Municipal Hospital built a couple of years ago will be formally opened October 15 with Thomas Leeson as superintendent.

Building Inspector Day has issued a permit for the erection of twelve two-story brick dwellings to be located from 1119 to 1141 Van hook street.

Men of prominence yesterday attended the funeral of former Detective Patrick Gallagher which took place at the Church of the Immaculate Conception Solemn high mass of requiem was sung with Rev. George Welsh as celebrant. Interment was made in Calvary Cemetery.

Supreme Court Justice Garrison yesterday delayed the application for a certiorari to review the action of the Excise Board in refusing to revoke the license of John Bodie as asked by Mrs. Antonia Hanscomb.

Camden County Transfers

Camden 416 Beckett—Harry L. Sanders to Ratcliffe Weitzman Co. $2550

Pennsauken township 319 Maple—Josiah M. Wilson to Ida W. Sauselein. $1600

Camden. East 3d. 350 ft N. Erie st—Merchants Trust Co et al to Camden Amusement Co. $36,960

Collingswood. N. W. cor Park and Franklin—Albert L. Rudderow to Griffith J.C. Ratcliffe. $500

Winslow Township 443 acres—Ellwood Roberts to Joseph A. Baker. $443

Centre township, lots 445 and 446, Sec 1 plan of Bellmawr—Francis D. Weaver to John Shields. $250.

Collingswood. S.E. at Madison, 453 ft N.E. Highland—Harry Farnsler to Wilmer Westcoat. $1

Gloucester township – 1.5 acres – Mary A. Wilcox to Ada A. Wilcox, $1.

Collingswood. S.E. s E. Madison. 483 ft N. E. Highland—Wilmer Westcoat to Roy O. Henszey. $1400

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