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Herbert Allen Sampson – Oral History

…;She sent me down to the school nurse. What was you drinking yesterday? You act like your drunk to me.” The nurse said that. I said, “Oh, no.”

The Hotel Walt Whitman, located virtually on the Delaware Bridge Plaza in the heart of thee business section, is a monument to the community spirit of Camden, having been built through the assistance of citizens. It has justified the confidence of its backers.
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Hotel Walt Whitman

The Walt Whitman Hotel was a venture championed by the Greater Camden Movement, a coalition of business and civic leaders that began to coalesce shortly before and during World War I.

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Stores Will Join In Bargain Period

The Merchants’ Cooperative Association, has announced a three-day co-operative bargain promotion which will be known as Camden’s Co-operation Days.

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Popularity Race Puts on Speed, Leader Passes 100,000 Mark

Camden Courier-Post – June 6, 1932
Readers of the Courier-Post newspapers who have asked themselves these questions may see the contestants in person tonight. They will be introduced from the stage of the Stanley Theatre at the beginning of the second show.