Erlton Italian Bakery

402 Marlton Pike, Camden, NJ

Erlton Italian Bakery, located at the junction of Marlton Avenue and Berkeey Street in East Camden, stands as an authentic treasure in Camden, NJ, and a cherished tradition for many across South Jersey. Established in the mid-1950s, this bakery has been an integral part of Camden since 1966, filling the air with the delightful aroma of freshly baked bread that East Camden residents have relished for decades.

Under the continuous operation of the LoPrete family since the 1950s, the business was initiated by Donato and Gloria LoPreted. Gloria’s expertise in crafting fresh bread and rolls by hand was cultivated alongside her father, the proprietor of Unique Bakery in Camden for an extended period. Sons Pete and Lou, who essentially grew up within the business, managed its operations, with subsequent generations, including their children, contributing their efforts to uphold this familial legacy.

Erlton Bakery ceased to operate at this location as of at least November 2019.

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  1. Antoinette Fisher Avatar
    Antoinette Fisher

    My family’s business was 402 Marlton pike not 398.

    1. Thank you, this has been corrected. It will reflect on the website soon.

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