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Originally a part of Stockton Township, the area that is now known as East Camden was merged into Camden proper in 1899 along with the neighborhood now known as Cramer Hill. It included the villages of Wrightsville, Stockton, and Rosedale, which lay along Federal Street. The area was served by the Pavonia Railroad Station, located along the railroad line at 27th Street. The East Camden and Cramer Hill area is border by the Cooper and Delaware Rivers, and Pennsauken Township.

Francis X. McGraw School as seen from Fremont Street.
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Fremont Avenue

Fremont Avenue, sometimes denoted as Fremont Street, is situated in East Camden and extends southeastward from Garden Avenue to South 38th Street, running parallel to Federal Street.

Alley Street Stock Photo
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Jennie A. Craig

On January 8th, 1904, while walking home along Federal Street between South 30th and South 32nd Street in East Camden, Jennie Craig was attacked.

Vincent Scola - 1944-03-29
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Vincent Scola

Vincent Scola, also known by the nicknames “Cheeno” and “China,” first came to the attention of law enforcement in 1929 when he was only 18 years old. He was later killed at 38th and Myrtle in East Camden.

James T McGrory
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James T. McGrory, Jr

James McGrory was a Camden firefighter, retiring in 1990. He remained dedicated to helping with fundraising and was active in a number of community events.

William H Deitz, Camden Firefighter
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William H. Deitz

William Harry Deitz was a Camden firefighter rising to District Chief. He suffered a fatal heart attack on scene, on November 14, 1962.

Garfield S Pancoast - 1933-05-12
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Garfield S. Pancoast

Garfield Pancoast practiced law in the Camden area, and by January of 1920 was serving as a Judge in Camden, a post he held into the 1930’s.

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Stockton Park

More or less the equivalent of the modern golf course and country club, The Stockton Rifle Range…

Martin W Baskow - 1967-07-15
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Martin W. Baskow

Martin W. Baskow was a small business owner in Camden, NJ who was brutally murdered in his bar on July 14, 1967. The case remains unsolved.

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DuBell Lumber Company

In 1922 William, Charles, and grandson Lester went into business for themselves, founding the DuBell Lumber Company at 18th and Federal Street in East Camden.

Stock photo of a bar
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Nine-Thirty-Nine Bar

The Nine-Thirty-Nine Bar, formerly a cigar shop, was a bar which was eventually razed after the brutal murder of its owner and the construction of Rt 676.

The Hurley Store on Broadway, a great big structure conducted on progressive lines as is proven by the manner in which the buying public bestows its patronage. The Hurley service has become a byword with thousands of South Jersey families. its occupants.
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Hurley’s Department Store

Founded in 1890, Hurley’s Department Store was a fixture in the Camden and South Jersey retail business scene until 1956, when the Hurley family closed the business.

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Mickle Street

MICKLE STREET was named after John W. Mickle, a prominent figure in both local and State affairs in the 1840’s and 1850’s.