The Original Tarantini Panzarotti

Panzarotti - AI Stock Photo

The Original Tarantini Panzarotti Tarts came to America with Pauline Tarantini, an immigrant mother of 10 who spoke very little English. As a seven-year-old, Mrs. Tarantini learned to make these uniquely delicious and nourishing treats from her mother in Brindisi, Italy.

In 1960, during a family financial crisis, Mrs. Tarantini took to her frying pan and began mass-producing the tarts by hand from her Camden, NJ home. Her husband, Leopoldo, peddled them at gas stations and other local establishments for 25 cents apiece.

Whenever the Tarantinis gave out free treats to neighborhood kids, by evening, the kids would be back for seconds along with their intrigued parents. By 1963, the product was becoming so popular by word-of-moth that the Tarantinis purchased a store a few doors from their home in East Camden, at Marlton Avenue and Midvale Street, and obtained a nationally registered trademark. Soon thereafter they designed special customized equipment to mass-produce the product while retaining the highest “home-made” quality, and now, 40+ years after Pauline took out her frying pan, her sons and grandsons carry on the tradition through their company, Tarantini Panzarotti Pizzeria, Inc.

The Tarantini family, with the help of Angel Distributors of Marlton, NJ, is proud to bring the South Jersey tradition of Panzarotti tarts to you.

The original Panzarotti store is still in operation, at the corner of Marlton Avenue and Midvale Street in Camden.



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