C. Howard Hunt Pen Company

Hunt Pen Company Ad - 1915

AKA Hunt Pen Company

Most every person who has gone through elementary school in the United States of America has sharpened a pencil. For many, many years the ubiquitous BOSTON pencil sharpener was made by the C. Howard Hunt Pen Company of Camden, NJ. Prior to the advent of the ball point pen, the Hunt round point pen, and more famously, the Speedball ® pen were known and used worldwide. The Hunt Company also published books to aid people interested in lettering and cartooning, and sponsored scholarships in the arts and crafts.

Hunt Pen, with offices at 652 State Street and a plant at 701 State Street in North Camden, was a fixture in North Camden up until 1958, when factory operations were moved to Statesville, NC. The offices of Hunt Pen left Camden in 1963. During its time in Camden, notable events include the company’s arranging for the immigration of expert pen makers from England, and its sponsorship of sports teams in Camden’s amateur and industrial leagues. The 1936-37 championship softball team won 62 out of 71 games over two years.

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