3 Injured, 3 Stunned in Auto Collision

Philadelphia Inquirer – June 15, 1919

Spectator Witnessing Midnight Accident in Gloucester Faint

Special to The Inquirer.

Gloucester, N.J., June 14 – Three persons were injured, three women fainted, three men were badly stunned when two automobiles collided last night at Broadway and Hudson streets.

Frank Hart, of 1832 Fillmore street, who was operating one of the autos, was the most seriously injured. He was taken home after having his injuries, which were internal, treated by Dr. George Adams, at the City Hall. Ellsworth Petitt, of 979 Florence street, Camden; Joseph Downer, of 2266 South Seventh street, Camden, and William Laute, of 800 Sylvan street, Camden, who were in the machine with Hart were stunned, while two girls, who were also in the car and who reside in Gloucester, fainted.

In the other automobile were George Schaub, of Ellisburg, who was driving, and Herbert Collins, of Haddonfield. They were hurled through the windshield and were cut and bruised. Miss Alice Smith, who was passing along the street at the time with her sister, Mrs. C. C. Eppelman, fainted when she saw the autos collide and required the attention of Dr. J. A. Beck.

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