3 Youths Sentenced for Robbery of Store

Handcuffs Stock Photo

Camden Courier-Post – June 20, 1933

Pleading guilty to robbery of a chain store at Twenty-seventh and Westfield Avenue, three youths were sentenced yesterday by Judge Samuel M. Shay in Criminal Court.

Anthony Scott, 17, of 326 Benson Street, was sent to Rahway Reformatory; Charles Joslin, 19, of 1606 Pierce street, was fined $100, and Dominick Croge, 18, of 2311 Carman Street, was sent to the county jail for four months.

Police said two of the youths broke into the chain store about three weeks ago and stole 50 cartons of cigarettes and other merchandise. Joslin, it was testified, did not break into the store, but had used his automobile to cart away the stolen goods, at the request of the other two youths.


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