Benson Street

  • Benson Street

    BENSON STREET was named after John J. Benson, who was an agent of the Camden & Amboy Railroad and had much to do with the filling up of the Stevens’ lands. His activities were recognized, when land was plotted into building lots, in the naming of a street in his honor.

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    Camden Courier-Post – June 1, 1939 Three dismissals, three promotions and four reinstatements and two new hirings were announced yesterday by City Commissioner Henry Magin, director of public works.

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    Camden Courier-Post – October 31, 1931 Rallies in the interest of A. Harry Moore, gubernatorial candidate, and local candidates on the Democratic ticket will be conducted tonight in Ashland and in three wards of the city.

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  • In Police Dragnet

    In Police Dragnet

    The Camden police yesterday raided the alleged poolroom at 25 South Third street, where Walter H. Keefer, former manager of the Merchantville Light and Power Company, claims he lost $254, belonging to his employers. Seven-men were captured in the raid, including W. Harry Getty and Charles Metz, who were committed in default of $1500 bail each as principals. The others were James Boone, of Fourth and Benson streets; George Armstrong, Charles Loriaux, George Smith and Victor Thompson. Each furnished $300 bail except Thompson, who was unable to get surety up to a late hour.

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  • New Buildings Going Up

    New Buildings Going Up

    Camden Daily Courier – November 15, 1890 Camden builders do not seem to be deterred by the fear of financial panic or an idea that the McKinley bill presages disaster in business. New operations are in progress, and several extensive ones are contemplated early in the coming year.

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