Ash Can Girl ‘Out’ Again; Parents Held

Anna Raczkowski - 1931-10-16

Camden Courier-Post – October 16, 1931

Dad Who Took Her Rejoins Mother; Anna Loses Home

Anna Rickowska [Correct Spelling is Raczkowski. –ed.] – 11-year-old child who lived for two weeks in an ash can has been driven from home again.

But Anna, profiling in a measure from her experience of only three days ago, will not sleep in an ash can this time.

She told her plight to Mrs. Louise F. Walsh, secretary of the Camden County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. Anna’s mother and father are under arrest and will face the child today in police court.

It was only three days ago that Judge Pancoast placed Anna in her father’s care. Her mother, he was unfit to care for her. The child had accused her of being a habitual drunkard.

And Anna was pleased by the decision. Her eyes glistening, her blond tresses tumbling about her head, she joyfully walked from the courtroom with her dad- the man who promised to be good to her.

Anna soon was disillusioned. The father and mother, who had been estranged, took up their lives together again. The girl was taken back to the home at 1401 Rose Street [Correct Address is 1402 Rose Street.—Ed.], the home she had been ordered from more than two weeks before.

Things became even worse than before. In her story to Mrs. Walsh last night, Anna declared that added to the abuse of a drunken mother was that of her father, Ignatius.

And finally, on Wednesday night, her parents beat her and threw her from the house.

She went· to the home of an aunt, Mrs. Minnie Blake, of 1213 Lansdowne Avenue, who cared for her until last night when she again sought out her benefactor of a few days ago.

According to Sergeant John Garrity and Patrolman Edward Suski, the child’s parents had been drinking last night.

Anna remained at the home of the aunt until today and Judge Pancoast will make another decision as to who shall have her custody.

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