Block-Aid Funds, Used for Homeless

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Camden Courier-Post – June 22, 1933

Dr. Stone Reveals $32,312 Has Been Spent to Help Evicted Families

Funds raised in Camden’s recent Block-Aid campaign are being used exclusively by Dr. A. L. Stone, city emergency relief director, to help in the housing of evicted families.

Dr. Stone revealed yesterday the Block-Aid fund turned over to him last month by Russell H. Nulty, executive director of the drive, totaled $32,312.41. The amount is exclusive of $2058.43 in salaries and other expenses connected with the recent campaign, which lasted from November to May.

The Block-Aid money will not last longer than July 15, Dr. Stone said. He deposited the fund with City Comptroller Sidney P. McCord and has been making use of it since May 15.

We have been spending the money at the rate of about $9,000 every two weeks,” Dr. Stone said. The fund is supplementary to an appropriation of $40,000 by the city commission to provide for homeless families. The city has been giving tax credits up to that total property owners for housing families on relief.”

The director reported the relief organization has found accommodations for between 700 and 800 families in the last few weeks with the limited sums at hand, and all without display and with minimum inconvenience to the individuals benefited.

Camden is the only city of its size in the state giving outstanding attention to eviction cases, both from the standpoint of the landlord and the homeless family,” Dr. Stone said.

The director stated that he had hoped to use the Block-Aid fund for other relief purposes, but found the demand for it so great in the handling of eviction cases that he deemed it advisable so to apply it. Under the law, such funds may be employed at the director’s discretion.

The Block-Aid campaign organization functioned under the direction of Mayor Roy R. Stewart as chairman and with Nulty as executive director during the six months of its existence. Its goal was $100,000.

Dr. Stone said that in spite of economic conditions generally the public showed its generosity. He commended and thanked Mayor Stewart, Nulty and the other Block-Aid officials and volunteers for their efforts during the campaign.


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