Pictures show how burglars ransacked the offices of the Camden County Cereal Beverage Company, Broadway and Bulson Street, yesterday after breaking into the brewery through a rear window. Clifford Del Rossi is searching for possible fingerprints in the top picture. The robbers apparently failed to find what they were looking for.

Camden Courier-Post – June 4, 1933

Two Rooms Turned Upside Down But Safe Is Not Robbed


Officials of Camden Firm Are Unable to Explain Motive of Attempt

Burglars ransacked the offices of the Camden County Beverage Company early yesterday but what they took, if anything, had not been disclosed late last night.

In a mystery “robbery” that has police puzzled, the thieves broke through a glass window on the rear loading platform, climbed inside and proceeded to turn three different offices of the brewery “inside out” in their quest.

The handle off the huge safe in the wall of the first-floor office, was broken, but the safe had not been opened according to Detectives Benjamin Simon and Clifford Del Rossi.

But it, appeared to have been the only thing not opened by the intruders.

Waste Baskets Searched

Filing cabinets and desk drawers were pulled out and their contents littered the floor. Even a wastebasket had been searched and its contents strewn about.

Apparently finding nothing of value on the first floor, the thieves, or thief made their way to the second floor where another office of the concern was ransacked from top to bottom.

Entrance to the brewery was made between 6 a. m. and 7 a. m. A watchman, Richard McKinley, who lives at 550 Chelton Avenue left the building at 6 o’clock and Olaf J. Hall, a bookkeeper arrived there at 7. a.m.

Hall went immediately to a second floor office where he saw several of the filing cabinets and desks had been gone through, but he failed to report it to his, superiors.

According to Frank R. Allison, secretary and treasurer of the brewery, Hall believed someone connected with the brewery had been searching for something, and being in a hurry had forgotten to replace things as he found them.

The “robbery” was not noticed until Nicholas Enderle, brewmaster, entered the building shortly before noon. He saw the offices on the first. floor in disorder and notified Allison.

The latter notified police, who could not learn whether anything of value had been stolen.

Were Seeking Papers

Detective Simon advanced a theory that the thieves had, been in search of valuable papers, rather than cash.

McKinley was questioned at the plant and declared that everything was “in order” when he left. He said two police dogs were left on the rear platform to guard against thieves. Later it was learned the dogs followed McKinley to his home.

The Camden County Beverage Company has been cited by the government on a rule to show cause why its 3.2 beer permit should not be revoked. The hearing on the citation was, scheduled for May 22, but, has been postponed indefinitely to await the conclusion of other citation hearings.

Allison said he did not know of any valuable papers that would interest thieves. He expressed belief the robbers sought collections made by drivers on Saturday and kept in the brewery office until the banks open on Monday.


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