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Ten Retired Camden Police Praised, Receive Gold Badges
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Ten Retired Camden Policemen Praised, Receive Gold Badges

Camden Courier-Post May 7, 1958 – Ten retired members of the Camden Police Department answered their last roll call Tuesday night.

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Gunmen In Philadelphia Murder Colozzi in Numbers War

A reputed employee of Fred Klosterman, Camden numbers baron, was shot and killed in Philadelphia last night in what police there believed was an inter-city fight for control of the numbers racket.

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4 Hurt as Auto Strikes Pole Strewing Live Wires on Road

Camden Courier-Post – Feburary 4, 1938 Four persons in a small coupe were injured last night when…

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Jobless Son Kills Jake Schiller Wo Saves Boys Wife From Gun

A few hours after William Schiller killed his fater, his wife whom he had also tried to shoot, was found wandering through the city street, in all hysterical condition.

Two girl employees of the RCA Victor Company who are among nearly 100 persons suffering from ptomaine poisoning as the result of eating from "box lunches." Miss Clara Schaeffer, left, of Gloucester, and Miss Violetta Brown, Brooklawn, were confined to their beds at their homes last night after receiving treatment at Cooper Hospital.
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Stricken by Food in Camden Factory

Nearly 100 Camden factory and shipyard workers were poisoned yesterday after eating food contained in box lunches.

The photo shows jail wall surrounding Burlington County jail which "Eddie" Adamski (Inset) scaled early. yesterday to escape. "Eddie" filed away the bars of his cell, climbed down a blanket rope and scaled the wall, which at this point is 25 feet high. He reached the ground by way of the roof of the sheriff's house next door.
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Safecracker Escapes from Mt. Holly Jail

“Eddie” Adamski, most notorious of local gangland’s safecrackers, has escaped from a Mt. Holly jail. He was in solitary confinement, allegedly under special guard and allowed no visitors other than his sister.

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Pancoast Refuses to Let Cops Bare Holdup Evidence

Police Judge Pancoast yesterday held two suspects without bail in the recent $11,790 Radio Condenser Company holdup and two other youths as material witnesses.

Pictures show how burglars ransacked the offices of the Camden County Cereal Beverage Company, Broadway and Bulson Street, yesterday after breaking into the brewery through a rear window. Clifford Del Rossi is searching for possible fingerprints in the top picture. The robbers apparently failed to find what they were looking for.
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In a mystery “robbery” that has police puzzled, the thieves broke through a glass window on the rear loading platform, climbed inside and proceeded to turn three different offices of the brewery “inside out” in their quest.

A detainer against Russell "Buck" Sage, held in Gloucester on a hit-run charge, was lodged last night by Camden police, who claim the South Camden sportsman "knows more than he has told" of the shooting of Harry "Gyp" Waterhouse.
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‘Buck’ Sage Held as ‘Hit-Runner’

A detainer against Russell “Buck” Sage, held in Gloucester on a hit-run charge, was lodged last night by Camden police.