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  • State Street

    State Street

    In response to petitions from citizens, the State Legislature and County Freeholders authorized the building of a bridge and an extension of State Street to connect with Federal Street.

  • Oscar Gibbs’ Sinclair Gas Station

    Oscar Gibbs’ Sinclair Gas Station

    The gas station, on the southwest corner of 18th and Federal, was razed sometime in the 1970s. The Dimedio Lime Company, which is across Federal Street, bought the property and erected a new building on the site.

  • Harry C. Anderson

    HARRY C. ANDERSON was born in April of 1873 to Isaac Anderson and his wife, the former Sarah Madison. The family was living at 810 Kimber Street in North Camden when the census was taken in 1880. On December 3, 1904 Harry C. Anderson was appointed to the Camden Fire Department. He was then living…

  • Federal Street

    Federal Street

    Federal Street was originally called Joseph Cooper’s Lane, and ran from the river to the old Haddonfield Road. In 1803 Joshua Cooper, who was an ardent Federalist, called it Federal Street. His father, Daniel Cooper, had, in 1764, built a large three-story brick house and established a ferry about the same time to Philadelphia. This…

  • Harry J. Allebach

    Harry J. Allebach

    HARRY J. ALLEBACH was born in Norristown PA on November 24, 1897. He married Consuelo Elverson around 1917. When the 1920 Census was taken he was living at 2913 High Street in East Camden with his wife and daughter Frances at the home of his widowed mother-in-law. Harry J. Allebach was then working as an…

  • Joseph A. Alcorn

    Joseph A. Alcorn

    JOSEPH A. ALCORN was born in Camden, New Jersey in February of 1919 to Mary and William Alcorn. He was the youngest of eight children, coming after James G., William Joseph, Rose, Marie Frances, Thomas J., Genevieve, and Rita. The family came to Camden some time after 1914. By 1918 they had settled at 906…

  • Wilson Ephraim Adams

    Wilson Ephraim Adams

    WILSON EPHRAIM ADAMS was well-known to many in and out of Camden for his many letters to the Courier-Post. He worked at the Police Administration building on Federal Street for several years prior to his retirement. Prior to that he had worked for the Housing Authority of the City of Camden, and he was a…

  • Israel B. Adams, Jr.

    ISRAEL BUTLER ADAMS JR. was born on October 23, 1859, one of twelve children born to Israel and Adeline Cox Adams. The elder Adams was a farmer. By the spring of 1860 the family was living in Camden County’s Stockton Township, quite possibly in or near the Delair section of what is now Pennsauken. His…

  • Joseph Acquaro

    Joseph Acquaro

    JOSEPH “JOE” ACQUARO grew up in Camden, New Jersey. He was the son of Biagio “Benny” Acquaro and the former Frances Petrella. He was one of the top baseball players in Camden and is inducted into the South Jersey Baseball Hall of Fame.

  • 2713 Federal Street

    2713 Federal Street

    2713 Federal Street, Camden, NJ

  • Biagio ‘Benny’ Acquaro

    Biagio ‘Benny’ Acquaro

    BIAGIO ‘BENNY’ ACQUARO was born in Philadelphia PA on March 22, 1906. His mother Nunziata passed away at the age 45 when Benny was only two years old, on August 22, 1908. His father Giuseppe took him and his two sisters, Mary and Catherine, to Italy. All three worked the fields in the valley of…

  • Arch Street

    Arch Street

    Arch Street is situated in downtown Camden, positioned between Federal Street and Market Street. In the past, this street extended from Delaware Avenue to North 5th Street, serving as a prominent passageway. However, the passage of time has seen various developments encroach upon Arch Street, causing its existence to fade from view. Arch Street held…