Eighteen New Firemen Named

Eighteen New Firemen Named

Camden Post-Telegram – December 3, 1904

City Council’s Fire Committee last night named 18 new firemen, Sixteen of these men Will not go on duty until July 1 next, at which time the new fire house will be ready for service, while the other two, who were named to fill vacancies, will begin duty the first of next year.

It must not be inferred that the sixteen new men will all be assigned to the new company.

Experienced men from the several houses, with one or two of the new ones, will makeup Company No. 5, while the rest of the new recruits will be apportioned among the several houses.

Rollo Jones, of the First ward, and William Miller, of the Eighth ward, are the men to go on duty January 1. They fill the vacancies caused by the retirement of John Ware and Samuel Peoples,

The others selected are:

  • First ward – Charles Cook.
  • Second ward – James White, Harry Anderson;
  • Third ward – Samuel Sheer, Edward Finley.
  • Fourth ward – Martin Carrigan.
  • Fifth ward – Joseph Daly.
  • Sixth ward – Joseph Ernest.
  • Seventh ward – Seth Monnell, William Buzine.
  • Eighth ward – Charles Sturgis.
  • Ninth ward – S. T. Whitezell.
  • Tenth ward – Ephraim T. Davis,
  • Eleventh ward – J. Oscar Till.
  • Twelfth ward – J. H. Vickers, Frederick Morse.

All the appointees must pass a physical examination which will be made by Dr. W. H. Iszard.

William Hertline, connected with headquarters, has been suspended pending a trial on a charge made by Chief Elfreth. The case will be heard on Monday night.


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