Father Is In Jailed Support

Man in Jail - AI Stock Photo

Camden Courier-Post – June 7, 1933

Ten dollars a year is a lot too little for support of a wife and twin sons, Police Judge Pancoast decided when he ordered John Hunkapillar, 24, to pay $5 a week, and sent him to jail when he could not provide a $300 bond to insure the payments.

Hunkapillar was arrested on complaint of his wife, Phyllis, 20, who told Judge Pancoast they were married two years ago in Elkton and since that time he has given her only $10. She said they took turns living with his parents and with her parents. She charged Hunkapillar deserted her and their four month old twin sons. Hunkapillar was arrested in Atlantic City Sunday and returned to Camden.

Mrs. Hunkapillar appeared at Camden city detective bureau May 27, said she was destitute, and asked aid for herself and her twins.

Arrangements were made to assist her by the Camden emergency relief administration, under Dr. A. L. Stone, city relief director.


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