‘Forgotten’ Holdup Recalled in Capture of Fifth as Bandit

Gun Money Robbery Stock Photo

Camden Courier-Post – October 16, 1931

Police last night cleaned up an old case of highway robbery that occurred at Second and Mt. Vernon Streets last August when Edward A. Turner, 48, of 1104 Cresson Street, was robbed of his watch, chain and knife.

At the time of the hold-up, Turner told police there were four or five colored men in the robbery. Detectives Robert Ward and Clifford Carr arrested Earl Bundy 17, of 819 Sycamore Street, who they said had the articles in his possession; also Charles Wing, 17, of 1012 Francis Street ; Sherman Smith, 17, of 161 Ivins Street and William Jackman, 16, of 152 Sycamore Street. The last three pleaded guilty and were sentenced to Rahway Reformatory by Judge Samuel Shay.

Bundy pleaded not guilty and was lodged in the local jail.

Last night Ward and Carr with Patrolman Luke captured Oscar Moore, 19, of 135 Mt. Vernon Street as the fifth bandit. He will be held without bail on the same charge as the others.


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