Freda Brown Asks for Maintenance

Camden Courier-Post – June 26, 1933

Wife of Druggist Suing for Divorce Petitions Advisory Master

Mrs. Freda Brown, wife of Joseph E. Brown, druggist at Third and Market Streets, who is suing her for divorce, appeared before William J. Kraft, advisory master in chancery, yesterday and asked for maintenance for herself and their two children.

The hearing was adjourned until July 10 to give Brown’s attorneys an opportunity to prove his claim that Mrs. Brown is employed in Philadelphia at $18 a week.

Brown has entered suit charging his wife with infidelity and naming Dr. Alexander Ellis, 37, of 513 Broadway, as co-respondent. However, suit is not actually on file yet as Brown’s lawyers stated they have been unable to serve papers on Mrs. Brown.

Isaac Eason, attorney for Mrs. Brown appeared yesterday with a bill for maintenance. It set forth that, the Browns were married at Elkton, November 23, 1923, and that Brown deserted his wife. In the petition, Brown is accused of getting his wife out of their home by a pretext and then refusing to allow her to re-enter. Eason stated he knew nothing about a divorce suit;. as no papers have been served on Mrs. Brown.

C. Lawrence Gregorio and Grover C. Richman, counsel for Brown, stated that Mrs. Brown does not need maintenance as she has a job. Kraft asked if they could submit proof of this today, whereupon Richman asked for the adjournment, saying he could obtain such testimony by July 10.

Mrs. Brown’s address was given as 541 South Forty-seventh Street, Philadelphia. Their children, Gerald 8, and Dolores, 6, are in custody of their father.


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