Merchants Laud Crackdown on Street Peddlers

Fruit Display - Stock Photo

Camden Courier-Post – October 27, 1955

Nuisance Eliminated, They Say, Praising Action by Police

Camden City’s police crackdown on the illegal operations of pretzel vendors and other type peddlers in the mid-city business area was hailed today by the merchants.

All merchants contacted agreed the problem has been eliminated and expressed hope the regulation would continue to be enforced, particularly through the Christmas shopping period.

The police action was praised, by each merchant. Many had complained previously against the vendors standing in store doorways or in front of display windows selling their wares such as pretzels, sewing bags, produce, etc.

Photos Tell Story

On October 18, The Courier-Post published several photographs of teen-age children hawking pretzels on the Camden Lits sidewalks and at the doorways during the heavy downpour of rain the previous Saturday night.

The problem was brought to the attention of Police Chief Gus Koerner, who ordered police to enforce the city ordinance on peddlers which requires they keep moving at all times.

Among the merchants commenting the problem has been eliminated, and praising the police for their cooperation were: G.L. McLean, manager, F. W. Woolworth store; Jack D. Neilson, assistant manager, J. C. Penney store; S. G. Hall, manager W. T. Grant store; Albert Rose, manager of Crawford Clothes; Furman Shaw, of F. L. Shaw, jewelers; Miss Leah Lipman, manager of the Deb Shop; Charles Reilly, assistant manager of Horn & Hardart Restaurant; a spokesman for Robert F. Hurley, of Bond Wine & Liquor store; Paul Rapp, manager of L. and M. Hausner cigar store.

Several weeks ago 19 merchants in the Broadway and Federal Street area signed a Camden County Chamber of Commerce petition urging city officials to take action on the peddler nuisance and shortly afterwards a Chamber delegation met personally with Director of Public Safety George Aaron to present a direct appeal for relief.


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