Orator Hits N.R.A., Gets Sock; Khaki Shirt Speaker Jailed

Orator - AI Stock Photo

Camden Courier-Post – August 8, 1933

First Victim Carried Away After Punch, Second Is Arrested for Carrying Riding Crop Loaded With Lead

Attacks on President Roosevelt’s N.R.A. program by two open-air orators at the court house plaza ended yesterday when one, a “Khaki Shirt,” was arrested on a charge of inciting to riot and the other was “socked” on the jaw by a listener.

The prisoner, attired in the shirt and cap of the Khaki Shirts of America, a radical organization, identified himself as Raymond Healey, 19, of 1116 South Fourth street, a vacant lodge adjoining the Camden headquarters of the group at 1114 South Fourth street. The butt end of a riding crop he as carrying was weighted with lead, police said. Healey will be arraigned tomorrow before Police Judge Garfield Pancoast.

The other speaker’s identity is unknown. Opening his address by speaking disparagingly about the efficacy of the N.R.A. program., he was interrupted suddenly when a huge man, also unidentified, stepped from the crowd of about 70 persons gathered there.

Sauntering up to the speaker, the objector swung a fist straight at the orator’s chin.

The orator, dazed, was hustled away by companions. His assailant disappeared in the crowd.

Healey spoke next. Waving his riding crop, he compared the present American government with one of Utopian excellence which the Khaki Shirts promised.

Jeers from the crowd met his remarks. One of the hecklers shouted:

“Did you see what happened to the last bird that tried to speak from that railing?”

By this time about 200 persons, many of them jeering Healey, were standing around.

Policeman William Turner, off duty and in civilian clothes, elbowed his way to Healey’s side. He seized the riding crop, examined it, and then collared the protesting “Khaki Shirt.”

Turner led Healey into the old court house under protest. When Deputy Sheriff Winfield Clarke refused to call a patrol wagon, Turner summoned one himself. The crowd shouted and jeered as Healey was borne away to police headquarters.


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