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  • Joint Street (aka Joint Alley)

    Joint Street (aka Joint Alley)

    Joint Street, formerly known as Joint Alley, is a one-block street that extends east from South 3rd to South 4th Street, nestled between Spruce and Walnut Streets.

  • Old Cooper Street

    Old Cooper Street

    Reprinted from the series of stories of Camden’s earlier days, under the title Sixty Years in Camden County – Gosh! by Will Paul, appearing in The Community news, of Merchantville, NJ.

  • Cooper Street

    Cooper Street

    Cooper Street, named after the prominent Cooper family, holds a significant place in Camden’s history as one of its oldest streets.

  • Broadway Trust

    Broadway Trust

    The Broadway Trust Company was led by John J. Burleigh, one of the leading businessmen in South Jersey from the 1870s through World War I.

  • Zuni Athletic Association

    The Zuni Athletic Association sponsored semi-pro sports teams as early as the spring of 1930 and into the early 60s. It appears to have founded in that year. Founding members included Peter Barbalace, Pasquale “Pat” Barbalace, Emil Aceto, John LaPlaca, and Jack O’Neil.

  • 4th Street

    4th Street

    Fourth Street, an original street in Camden, has undergone significant expansion over the years. It now stretches from Chelton Avenue in the south to Pyne Point in North Camden.

  • Harry C. Anderson

    HARRY C. ANDERSON was born in April of 1873 to Isaac Anderson and his wife, the former Sarah Madison. The family was living at 810 Kimber Street in North Camden when the census was taken in 1880. On December 3, 1904 Harry C. Anderson was appointed to the Camden Fire Department. He was then living…

  • Amanda Alloway

    Amanda Alloway, who was born in New Jersey in November 1843, had a notable life deeply intertwined with the historical tapestry of Camden, New Jersey. She married Joseph Alloway by 1863, and the couple had three children: Charles, born in December 1863, Joseph, born on November 22, 1865, and Ida May, born around 1867. The…

  • George H. Aleck

    George H. Aleck

    GEORGE H. ALECK was born in Pennsylvania around 1860 to George and Christina Aleck. His family had moved to Camden by 1880, making their home at 523 North 4th Street in North Camden. He worked as a machinist at the time of the census. The Aleck family included two daughters in their twenties at the…

  • Arch Street

    Arch Street

    Arch Street held significant establishments, including the Collings Carriage Company, later transformed into the Campbell Soup Company garage.

  • Charles M. Abrahamson

    , where he worked as a clerk in a store. He was then a lodger in the home of Frederic Sohn, at 489 York Avenue. He married around 1881.

  • Frank A. Abbott

    Frank A. Abbott

    FRANK A. “CHICK” ABBOTT was born June 2, 1896 in Camden NJ to Italian parents, Antonio and Arsola Abbatto. An athletic youth, he enjoyed boxing, and considered boxing, but did not turn pro. He received several minor league contract offers, but elected to stay close to home, and stuck to semi-pro ball with several clubs…